Why you should jump onto GTA Online today (Sunday)

gta lowriders gta onlineThis week, Rockstar Games are offering double GTA$ payouts and RP on select playlists, as well as giving away free limited edition hats just for logging into GTA Online. Each day, there are new discounts on Lowriders and parts to customise them. It’s a world inside our own, and I just can’t get enough of it! But why should you jump on it today? Let me explain.

Today’s special event is about the Adversary modes. The ones added with the GTA Online Lowriders content update. “All four of the new Adversary Modes added with GTA Online: Lowriders (Relay, Keep the Pace, Offence Defense, and Slasher) will offer up double GTA$ & RP.”

These Adversary missions are great fun with friends, and I’m going to explain each of them to you, in case you haven’t been to Los Santos in a while. While ‘Keep the Pace’ is limited to 4 players, all other modes on offer allow for 8 friends to cause mayhem together.

In Keep the Pace, 4 players are tasked with racing around courses littered with jumps and obstacles while keeping above a minimum speed. Failure to maintain speed will result in the player’s car exploding, instantly eliminating the player. Last man standing wins. Think of circuit racing, with Speed consequences.

In Offense Defense, 8 players will be split into teams of two. One player would be the “Runner”, whose aim is to be the fastest to pass each checkpoint and win the race as per usual. The other player would be the “Blocker”, whose aim is to prevent opposing Runners from reaching the target before his team does. The Blockers can’t see the checkpoints, but can choose to follow their Runner to protect them from other Blockers, or slow down the opposing Runners vying for first place. The car classes here are Muscle or Sports Classics, while the Blockers are in SUVs or more powerful sports cars. Multi-cat and mouse if you will!

In Relay, players will be relay racing. 4 players would be racing the first lap, while their team mates wait on the start/finish line in a yellowed area. Once their partner completes their lap, the second racer goes. The cars waiting on the grid are ghosted, so there’s no foul play permitted for those racing. It can get hectic when one driver gets slammed off the road or misses a turn, and anything can happen in the 6 laps! You wouldn’t think GTA and Relay racing would be fun, but you would be wrong!

In Slasher, the players will be placed either as a Hunted or the Slasher. The Slasher must hunt down and kill the Hunted within 3 minutes with a shotgun while the Hunted only have a Flashlight. If the Hunted survive for 3 minutes, they are gifted a shotgun to try and fight back against the Slasher. This can get really scary, especially when the camera is locked to first person! When the Slasher gets close, the controller starts to vibrate heavier and heavier for the Hunted. Keep your lights off as much as possible. It can give away your position, obviously! The map selection for these missions is great; with chosen locations from single player and indoor locations throughout Los Santos. One awesome one is the Yacht from the GTA Online Heist mission.

Try them out with your friends, suggest to them that you play GTA Online today for a few hours, and get back into the action. Double your money, and earn bonus RP while having massive amounts of fun. You won’t regret it! Each Adversary game mode has multiple variations of tracks, cars or maps.

If you play GTA Online on Xbox One, add me, and I’ll happily join in on the fun. My gamertag is ‘Jorn the Eejit’.

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