My gaming platform is the best

make love not console wars platform gamingWhether it’s a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC or Wii U, we all have one or the other, maybe two or three of them, but we all know which one is the best. We all think we know which one is the best, and at the end of the day, we all have our own preference.

When gamers come to me asking me for advice on what console they should buy (I don’t usually get a ‘should I buy a pc’ question), my answer is always the same. It’s never really a case of “buy this one, as it’s the best”, but more along the lines of ‘Well what games do you like to play?”, or ‘What do most of your friends play on?”. Seemingly in this generation, that answer would more than likely be a PlayStation 4, with its super successful sales figures since launch, either doubling or nearly doubling that of the Xbox One and rising. But without your friends, you may not enjoy your new platform as much.

Better with friends

For me, a lot of my gaming time is taken up with online gaming, and socialising. I use my own console as a way to stay in touch with my friends daily, whether they’re here in Ireland, over in the UK, or all the way over in the US. A simple chat invite and we’re talking in a matter of seconds; about gaming, about family and friends, and about hobbies. I’ve heard the expression many times before, ‘this game is much better with friends’, but which game isn’t? It’s a common expression, but any game is better with friends, and none seemingly worse, except Mario Party, or Monopoly. Those games end friendships!

Consoles-as-FriendsWhile online gaming is hugely popular, there are those out there who prefer the single player adventures and stories, and less about competitive gaming. I have no quarrels with that too, and ‘buying what your friends have’ won’t factor into your platform of choice here. That would most likely come down to that platform’s exclusives, or availability. There are some great story driven, single player games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PC, and some that are available to all. In this case, you just buy the platform that suits your tastes, and if the game you like the look of isn’t available on your platform of choice, you can always hope for a future release date, or just plan to invest in another platform in the future.

Time well spent

Another reason why your platform is the best, is the amount of time you spend on it. If you find yourself fortunate enough to have multiple consoles and a pc, your favourite platform is most likely the one you spend the most time on. Have you clocked 300 hours on Black Ops 3 already on PS4? As opposed to a 5 hours you spent on the PC version? Ok, maybe the console port was better, or your pc just needs an upgrade, but if you find yourself spending more time on consoles and have pc upgrading down the list of ‘things to do’, then it’s safe to say you probably prefer console gaming. I could be wrong, but prioritizing pc upgrades would determine this one.

Of course, time spent on a platform could be a factor based on gaming with friends, and although you may prefer playing a bunch of games on one system, maybe a majority of your friends are already on the other, and you like to switch it up every now and again to satisfy your gaming needs across all fronts?

My platform is still the best though

Your platform of choice is the best though. It has the best games, all your friends are there too to play with, and it’s accessible. It does everything you want, and more. You can play online, you can enjoy single player adventures, and you can watch movies or Netflix shows when you’re tired of pushing buttons.

console wars memeThe point I’m trying to make here, if it isn’t already obvious, is that we all have our own preferences, and our own tastes. Some of us love online games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield or League of Legends more than anything, while some of us prefer to avoid online gaming and focus primarily on narrative games like The Witcher 3 or The Last of Us. Many games include both, and it’s understandable if you make the decision to ignore a portion of said game.

It’s highly likely that your preferred platform is different to the next person, and maybe in the case of them preferring the same platform, their reasons are completely different to yours. The point is that we all love gaming for different reasons, and we all consume it in a different way. The other people aren’t wrong. You’re not wrong. You’re all right.

Your platform is the best for you, and theirs is the best for them.

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