Wherefore Arth Thou Titanfall 2?

Titanfall 2It’s a very busy time of the year for video games. Battlefield One, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Arguably EA’s and Activision’s biggest franchises, are on the horizon. But wait! What’s this? Is this another game which I see before me? Come, let me see thee.

Squished between two of the biggest games in the FPS genre is Respawn Enertainment’s Titanfall 2. It’s a very unusual time to release Titanfall 2 and many fans of the original, including myself, are worried about the impact the release date may have on the game’s sales.

  • October 21st – Battlefield One
  • October 28th – Titanfall 2
  • November 4th – Call of Duty

Fans on Reddit have speculated that EA decided on such a release date so they could release a game to appeal to both fans of old style, and futuristic shooters, thus leaving no reason for anybody to buy Call of Duty. But let’s look at a fact here: Black Ops 3 was the biggest selling title of 2015. To assume the combination of both Battlefield and Titanfall would be enough to dethrone the reigning FPS sales champion is completely bonkers!

The original Titanfall was a breath of fresh air in the FPS world and was welcomed by many fans of the genre. But the franchise is still in its infancy. There has yet to be a Titanfall game on PlayStation so of course many PlayStation fans will be skeptical considering how quickly the first game died out, as well as negativity towards the franchise due to it being previously console exclusive on Xbox One.

Another issue which many people seem to be overlooking is how there has yet to be any PC requirements released, nor has there been any footage of the game running on PC.  PC was ruled out of the “pre alpha tech test” just a couple of days before it released. Respawn commented on the matter by claiming it was to protect details of the single player campaign from being data mined (which actually happened with Battlefield during the beta) and because the build used was not yet compatible with PC. This has understandably left potential PC players worried about how the game will perform at launch. The last thing we want is a repeat of Batman Arkham Knight.

As of writing this piece, it is understood that Respawn will be giving PC information soon. Many of the Titanfall Reddit community (especially the PC side) have cancelled their preorders and will wait for reviews post release which is understandable and I only wish people would take such a stance with other franchises.

Lastly, we come to the marketing campaign, or lack thereof. Where are the advertisements? Sure there have been a few TV spots in the US but there hasn’t been a whisper about the game here in Ireland. Sure, we saw the Titans being revealed individually last month, and some news on customization. I really don’t want this game to suffer because it was left stuck in the shadow of Battlefield because the execs at EA got too impatient. The game, in my opinion, should be delayed until March 2017 when all is quiet and people are finally getting tired of playing Battlefield 1 and the Modern Warfare remaster.

On a personal note, I am very excited for the release and I am wishing Respawn all the best with this franchise.

4-One will be hosting a community play-together launch night on 28/10 at 00:00. Details of the event can be found HERE.

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