What’s next for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

backwards compatibilityAs of November 12th, Xbox One owners can take advantage of one of the Xbox’s latest features, thanks to the New Xbox One Experience. That feature is backwards compatibility, and with its launch this month, it allowed fans to play up to 104 Xbox 360 titles on their new consoles, whether digitally owned or on disc. But what’s next? When will that list be built upon?

While no specific date has been revealed, a number of new titles have been revealed via Xbox.com, showing titles that we expected on November 12th, and some titles we are also happy to see on the list.

Xbox One backwards compatibilityFrom that image on the Xbox website, we can see that Halo Reach will finally be making the list, considering it was on the original advertisement poster for the feature. Halo Wars is another addition, also featuring on that poster. We will also see EA’s SKATE 3, a series that has found more promising success than the latest Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, including the lackluster 5th title. Bioshock 1 and 2 joins the list, as does Bioshock Infinite. Last but by no means least, Call of Duty Black Ops 1 is also on its way.

There were many fears in relation to Activision’s stellar franchise and their stance on backwards compatibility, who were not listed at the time of the feature’s reveal at E3 in June. With Call of Duty being a massive annual release every year, it’s understandable that Activision didn’t want to divide their fan base and distract them from the latest release. In saying that, there’s nothing stopping a player from loading up an older game, whether on a console from this or last gen, or a pc player who owns all of the games. Giving players choice is the best option, and surprisingly to me, Activision are on board with that.

[Source: Xbox.com]

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