What your console games library needs is fishing

dovetail euro fishingNo, we’re not codding you. Announced last week, Dovetail Games’ Euro Fishing is coming to Xbox One. Proving rather successful on PC, it prides itself on being the most authentic fishing simulator next to doing the real thing. A PlayStation 4 version will come at a later, unspecified date.

Master your rod (tee hee) and take your skills out to the lake. Take part in tournaments and catch the biggest fish you can. I’m no educated fisherman, but I know one or two, and I hear this game is fantastic. The last time I played a fishing game was Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast, with the amazing rod controller. Those were the days!

Dovetail Games’ Euro Fishing will allow you to play alone in single player, or host multiplayer matches with a few friends, aiming to be the better angler. Start by learning the basics of casting with in-game tutorials, or dive straight into one of the five unique European locations included, such as Digger Lakes and the famous St John’s Lake at Linear Fisheries, each posing their own unique challenge to land the big catch.

euro fishing

“Using advanced AI and customizable environment effects, fish respond to water temperature, time of day, weather conditions and baits as they do in real life. Spot fish ‘shows’ before casting into the right area from a pre-set peg or the lake bank, and customize your angling equipment for the best chance of landing a catch,” says the blog post on the Xbox Wire.

Dovetail Games’ Euro Fishing will release via the ID@Xbox program on Xbox One in May this year. There is no specific date, but that will do for now. The studio has stated on their Facebook page that they’re “looking into a PS4 version but there’s no date yet.”

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