What it means to be a gamer

gamers unite gamer[One from the Facebook archives before we launched the site].Here is a subject very close to everyone’s heart. What are the characteristics that come to our minds when we hear the word ‘gamer’ or even when we ourselves are referred to as gamers. It brings with it an interesting series of hard questions.

Of course there is also the very easy answer which is that we are all gamers. Makes sense really since we all play games, some on a daily basis while others play when the time becomes available. And to be honest that is really a great solution to the issue and where most would draw the lines.

Gamers should be united together. It doesn’t matter what gender, nationality or any other boundaries; playing games with others and enjoying them really is the icing on the cake. It shouldn’t matter if you play games online or offline enjoying story or single player orientated experiences. But if only life was that simple.

The world as a whole entity is far from perfect. On a world stage, ideas and mentalities reign supreme. We are separated by triviality and segregation through religion and ways of old. Sometimes it is hard to believe we share this piece of Rock we live on and that we are all composed of similar DNA, brains and hearts.

Gaming is also far from perfection. Everyone should get along. That is the theory but even when it comes to gaming, walls are assembled. Owners of different consoles battle constantly as if on a battlefield fighting for their freedom and country. Of course it isn’t just console gamers either. Users on PC and basically every platform imaginable bicker and squabble as if someone had just stolen their rattles from the sandpit. To be honest it’s pathetic and childish. We all game and we always have.

make love not console wars platform gaming

Gaming is a broad word. Believe it or not we have all gamed for most of our lives in some shape or form. Ever played hide and seek or maybe even a game of Monopoly, even truth or dare? Games have many mediums with of course video games ascending currently to the hierarchy.

What it means to be a gamer is like asking what is the meaning of life? No one really knows but others will always try and explain or push their own opinions. Gaming is passion. Gaming is relaxation. Gaming is anything you want it to be. That is what makes it so versatile and what breaks so many boundaries.

So maybe the next time someone starts shouting abuse about your gaming device or chosen method of gaming, just think that maybe one day they were just like you and someone pushed them over the edge. Maybe reach out a friendly hand and ask them to consider that maybe we are all brothers in arms. That comrades in combat fight under many flags, the only one that really matters is peace and respect.

A gamer is accepting victory with modesty, accepting defeat with honour. Ever learning and respecting each other. Gaming is passion.


[Words by Paddy Carroll, one of our previous writers before we launched our website in 2013]

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