What is ‘We are Ubisoft’?

we are ubisoftYesterday, it seemed that Ubisoft started a campaign across all of their social media, with the likes of individual game franchises on Facebook, and even their logos. What is this blue ‘We are Ubisoft’ all about? It feels like fans were left scratching their heads, with no public explanation as to what was going on. Here’s a bit of a rundown of the situation.

For the past year, Vivendi have been trying to buy out Ubisoft entirely, which they already have a 20% stake in. Who are Vivendi you ask? Vivendi is a multinational mass media conglomerate which deals with music, television, film, video games, telecommunications, tickets and video hosting service. As you can gather at this point, they want more control over Ubisoft.

However, Ubisoft and its expansive team of developers and employees want the company to remain as is (even if many of their games release with bugs or ‘downgrades’ from their initial reveal trailers). Ubisoft have a fine catalogue of games and franchises, vast, varied and enjoyed by millions. Who knows what would happen if Vivendi took over?

On September 29th, an annual general shareholders meeting will take place, where a Board of Directors will decide on the fate of the publisher and developer. Ubisoft employees have been quick to defend and stand up for their current position, with employee-made websites such as WeLoveUbisoft.Com made to show shareholders how great the teams and their fans are. WeAre.Ubisoft.com also informs readers what the publisher has accomplished in its 30 year history.

Videos such as the one seen below, which was posted yesterday, sees various company employees talking about the creativity, the risks involved, and the challenges faced in game development, but utterly about the satisfaction of giving players great worlds and adventures to experience.

With titles and franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s shooters and RPGs, Rabbids, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, Driver, South Park, Far Cry, The Crew and much, much more, could you imagine a world without Ubisoft’s creativity and stories?

So, if by chance you visit the page or website of one of your favourite Ubi titles, show some love, give your support, and help them through this. It’s a massive moment in gaming, and one of Ubi’s biggest challenges in their 30 year history.

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