What I’m eager to find out more of in 2016

Future 2016With a new year, we have a mountain of new games to look forward to, announcements of unknown titles, and news around the industry. What will Kojima make next? What DLC will come out for a particular game? What will be 2016’s Game of the Year?

These are but a few questions I have in mind, and unfortunately, I know I have to wait a few months to find out some of it. Questions I have on a personal basis, I shall list below. At the bottom of the article, feel free to add your own suggestions in.

liberty city gta onlineWill the GTA Online rumour come true? The one about GTA IV’s Liberty City coming becoming an extension of the GTA Online universe? Just imagine flying to Liberty City, taking part in missions, races, death matches and even bowling with friends around the make believe New York! Imagine Roman being a contact, as well as Brucey, and being able to do taxi missions for our favourite cousin! Hopefully Rockstar will come clean about that soon, and tell us whether the rumours were true. There’s also talk of single player DLC coming to GTA V as well…. I personally  look forward to what 2016 has in store for GTA V and GTA Online.

It’s about time that Forza Motorsport 6 received a DLC map pack. When Forza 5 released on Xbox One, it was rather short on content. Thankfully, in the following year, Turn 10 announced a new track in the form of Nurburgring and the famous Nordsleiffe as a free update, followed by Long Beach. Forza 6 has yet to receive any new track DLC, not that it’s in any way short on content in comparison. Still, anything other than monthly cars would be a welcomed!

Mass Effect AndromedaVery little is known about Mass Effect Andromeda, and with this week’s news about Chris Wynn, the game’s director leaving Bioware, I have my concerns. The last we saw of the game was a brief narration by fem Shep Jennifer Hale, signing off as Commander Shepard. That was on November 7th, the N7 day that fans celebrate.

Rumours of a summer announcement of a Slim Xbox One have popped up over the holidays. Considering the console is now two years old, the technology could now be available, and like with the Xbox 360 before it, a Slim, more sleek version isn’t out of the question.

destiny refer a friendSince the release of Destiny The Taken King, we have seen festive updates and microtransaction dance emotes. We all got a pretty cool Sparrow Racing League which ended in December. What’s next for Destiny, and what will Year 2 bring the dedicated fans?

Nintendo have a new console in the works. Not that Sony and Microsoft don’t, but Nintendo have at least been more open about it, with us believing its name to be the Nintendo NX. We have all heard various rumours, but now we want to know what the Japanese company has behind the curtain.

vr techWith Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR releasing this year, it will be interesting to see how Virtual Reality gaming takes off, or if it will just be an expensive fad. Sure, we all want to believe it will work, and the Hololens demo during E3 made VR look fantastic with Minecraft, although debatable about its effective range. Still, will enough fans splash the cash, take the risk and jump on board?

“Back in your hole!”, “Bring it!!”, “Niiiiice!”. A few choice words from Marcus Fenix, a guy we want to see and hear more of in Gears of War 4. The E3 demo showed two new characters, and a new enemy. What happened to Marcus and Delta Squad? Will they make a return? Is Gears 4 set on a new planet in a different area with a new timeline? What happened to Sera? Are the Locust gone?! Will it still release in 2016?! So many questions, and I demand answers!!!!

Star Wars Battlefront2015 saw the release of two games which seemed rather light on content. Those games were Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege. Both games were focused primarily on online multiplayer, and didn’t include single player campaigns or stories. Supposedly Rainbow Six will receive free map updates as DLC, while Ubisoft will sell microtransactions to make up the costs. Star Wars Battlefront has a season pass, yet DICE and EA have promised the odd free update similar to the Battle of Jakku. What will they both do to keep fans invested otherwise?

No Man’s Sky has a release date of June for PlayStation 4, and it is also coming to the PC. However, an Xbox One release is shrouded in mystery, and nobody seems to want to talk about it. Maybe they’re not allowed. Will 2016 hold the answer, or will 2017 be more accurate? Time will tell…. A phrase I use often.

Full priced retail games have seen an influx of microtransactions in-game. Games like Destiny, GTA V, Call of Duty, Halo 5 and other popular titles sell in-game accessories, animations or weapons to the players. By no means are they ‘pay to win’ in most cases, but people do buy them, and it will be interesting to see what the next big microtransaction nonsense will be.

Those are just a few of my top-of-the-head curiosities I have about gaming in 2016. What’s on your mind? What are you interested in finding out, and what are you afraid to find out?

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