What I would like to see in the second year of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft tom clancy's rainbow six siegeSo as the first year of Rainbow Six Siege draws to a close I thought I’d give my opinion on what I would like to see in year 2 now that Ubisoft have confirmed that they’ll support the game for a further year.

Rainbow Six Siege instantly felt like a break from past games in the series and at first I must admit I wasn’t convinced it would work as the previous games were so good. The season pass felt over priced and the game lacking in content when it released. Nearly a year on it feels an entirely different game and has seen a fair bit of content added albeit at a rather slow pace. All in all though Rainbow Six Siege has turned into one of my favourite first person shooters in a long time.

We’ve had a number of operators added to the game, some feeling more useful than others. Valkerie, Frost, Blackbeared and Hibana are probably my favourite additions to the game but others like Cavern, Buck and Echo I don’t really think contribute too much to the team. With people learning camera locations pretty quickly Valkerie’s cameras are my personal favourite gadget to be added to the defenders with Frost’s bear mats being a close second and Hibana’s gadget ranks up there too.

rainbow six siege operation black ice

We’ve seen a lot of fixes and adjustments to the game, some good others bad. There are also some persistent issues that should have been dealt with a long time ago but haven’t been and some changes that perhaps shouldn’t have happened at all. so what do Ubisoft need to fix in year 2? let’s take a look at some of the biggest issues.

Recently in ranked matches the developers reduce the action phase clock from 4 minutes to 3 minutes. Now as the clock is the defenders’ most effective ally I feel this reduction goes too far especially given the popularity of having roamers on the defensive team. It makes matches feel rushed and discourages a methodical and tactical approach in my opinion.

An issue that’s been present for a long time is the lighting effect when looking out through broken windows. The bleached effect hides attackers profiles who already get a leaning advantage (more on that later) and make it very hard for defenders to accurately pick out an attacker. Ubisoft say they’ve addressed the issue in the latest patch so time will tell if it is still  affecting games.

rainbow six siege dustline

Going back to the lean/peeking/perspective advantage that attackers get, I really do feel it is entirely unnecessary and unfair. There is no way an attacker should be able to maneuver into a position where they have a clean line of sight on an awaiting defender when the defender can’t even see the attacker. I’ve tried to illustrate the effect in the video below. It should be an even playing field and be left to the player’s situational awareness and skill to be the deciding factor, not wonky game mechanics.

Basically there’s a few issues at work here. One issue is taking advantage of the latency so by quickly strafing you can peek corners before the other player can even see you and the other issue at play is where the player’s camera is positioned. Instead of having the camera in the head of the character model it’s positioned in the chest and that leads to issues like what you see in the video. I really hope Ubisoft tighten up these issues as they are a royal pain in the kevlar.

By far and away the games biggest problem though is the stability of the servers. For such a good game to have such poor server stability is unforgivable and I really hope Ubisoft finally deliver a stable playing experience to gamers. There have been some tweaks to matchmaking in the 5.0 patch but I’ve found the servers and matchmaking lacking this week. Hopefully it’s just a blip but in the long run I hope to see improvements.

So with the main issues out the way what would I like to see arrive in year 2 of Rainbow 6 Siege? Well in year 1 we saw the arrival of 8 new operators with those being evenly split between the attackers and defenders. I’m not sure if we’ll receive further operators at the same rate as the developers would have to be careful not to ruin the balance and get too far from the realism the game tries to portray. We’ve already seen some gadgets that are pretty far from reality so it’ll be interesting to see where they go with any new operators.

rainbow six siege

I feel maps might be more of a focus in the second year of Rainbow Six Siege. There’s a lot of maps that are just ok and a couple that are terrible. The three best maps that stand out for me are House, Presidential Plane and Hereford base. I’d  like it if we saw additional maps that take the ingredients from those maps and create more memorable and fun maps to play. Perhaps we will see a submarine map make an appearance or maybe a library or even a proper casino, a la Rainbow Six Vegas.

I think we’ll likely see the new Elite sets become a part of the year 2 season pass so expect to see them roll out for the remainder of the operators. Currently Elite sets are only available for Sledge, Thermite and Kapkan and set you back an eye watering 1,620 R6 credits. which is around about £10 a pop.

The Rainbow Six Siege year 2 season pass will not only pay for any new dlc but will also fund the continued support of the game in the way of patches and updates. I hope to see many new changes in year 2 and if year 1 is anything to go by I think we will.


So what changes would I like to see? My first choice would be to see bots added to custom games so that teams can set up a match and give bots a designated playstore such as aggressive, defensive or roamer for example. This relatively simple addition would allow teams to work on their tactics and teamwork in a controlled environment which would in turn improve the quality of ranked matches as teams become better.

I’d like to see the warning you get when you are tagged by a camera get removed. Most good teams use call outs now anyway so it would make sense to remove this alert at least in ranked matches.  Another idea I had was to give the defending team the ability to vote which match type to play at the beginning of the round. This would serve two purposes. It would make the preparation phase far more important and if the defenders can keep the objective hidden then attackers wouldn’t know what their objective was. I do think if you added that feature though then you would have to allow the attackers to change operator in the preparation phase unless you were Twitch for example.

rainbow six siege operation skull rain

I have also been wondering about whether it would work to have a permanent death feature for ranked matches. For example if I chose Thermite but got killed in Round 1 then I think the next round where I am attacking he would be unavailable for me to select. This would mean another team mate would have to select him. I feel this would encourage players to use all the operators and make them step out of their comfort zone a bit more.

I’d also like to see lighting get a make over. At the moment, Thatcher’s EMP grenades only cause a temporary outage and the light level doesn’t drop enough to really make a difference as his gadget is only really designed to counter Mutes and shock batteries. I’d like to see the EMP grenades have a permanent and meaningful effect on lighting and I’d like to see the ability to shoot out lights added to the game.  It seems a bit bizarre it’s not already a part of the game and I think it could make for some interesting matches.

At the moment, knifing someone is a bit hit and miss…literally. it doesn’t seem to be a very reliable method to kill somebody and the animation for it is a bit dull. I’d like to see some new animations added to the game including an assassination animation if you manage to sneak up behind an enemy operator. Not only would this look good but it also makes you think about whether you can take out an operator and live to tell the tale.

Tactical realism is an option you can select for custom games but so far there’s no such option for ranked matches. I would really like to see it added to ranked matches either as a stand alone ranked mode or maybe as a game type. Speaking of game types I’d like to see some new ones added in Rainbow Six Siege year 2. Perhaps a good old fashioned breach and clear game mode where you simply have to kill all the terrorists or Intel recovery where you need to secure and extract multiple pieces of Intel.

Another suggestion one of my fellow Siege players came up with was a gauntlet game mode whereby all windows & external doors are blocked off and you start with the hostage and you’ve got to get to point B from point A. So for example in the Bank, you start in CEO office and you’ve got to get to the rear entrance tunnel with the hostage or VIP (which could be an actual player with a recruit type load out but little armour). The other team can pick where they start either vault or in reception etc and as a team you have to escort the hostage/VIP through the building.

rainbow six seige

I’d like to see the defenders be able to move the hostage in a small radius as well so you can add a bit of randomness to the location where the objective is.  Small details like that can change a game type and make it feel fresh.

In terms of gadgets that could be added to the game there are a few that could prove interesting. one idea I had involves a drill that allows you to drill a tiny hole and insert a pen camera that can bend. These cameras have appeared in previous Rainbow Six games so I think it would make an interesting addition to the attackers arsenal.

Rainbow Six Siege has certainly come a long way since its release and whilst the game is rather different to what we were first shown when it was revealed it’s without a doubt one of the best shooting games out there which is high praise given that it keeps the company of giants like CoD4 (remastered) and Battlefield 1.

There’s so many ideas you can implement for maps and operators as well as gadgets and game modes and that makes me very excited to see where they go with the Rainbow Six Siege year 2 DLC. I hope the season pass feels like better value but either way I know I’ll get my monies worth as it’s a game I can’t seem to put down. I wonder if we’ll also see more focus on weapon attachments and uniforms  as well as stat tracking maybe.

It wasn’t too long ago that Ubisoft were asking players via a survey what they wanted to see in an additional season pass and how the game performed compared to other games in the same genre. it’s clear then that Ubisoft want to continue to build upon what they have already achieved and give Rainbow Six Siege meaningful support rather than some lazy cash grab. what ever the future holds for the game it’s exciting to see it progress and 2017 is looking to be another interesting year for those of us who regularly play the game.

We should hear more details about the year 2 content before the year is out but it’s probably safe to say that Ubisoft will stick to the formula that has proven to be popular. Whether it’s new Maps or new operators that we get, new game modes or simple changes to the existing gameplay mechanics I’m confident that Rainbow Six Siege will just grow in its popularity in year 2.

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