What GTA Online needs next – Opinion piece

gta v busAnyone who knows me, knows that I have an addiction to Grand Theft Auto Online. Ever since the game launched back in 2013, GTA V on both generations has been top of my playlist. Sure, the online lobbies can be full of annoying kids or lunatic shooters, but jump into a private lobby with a handful of friends, doing missions, heists, races, or shopping, and it never gets old. I think there’s room for more though, and I hope Rockstar Games is reading.

With every new Grand Theft Auto release, there is even more detail in the game world. With that, comes the ability to do more stuff, whether become a taxi driver, a train driver, a bus driver, a vigilante cop, or a pilot. The list goes on. Unfortunately, these gimmicky story activities rarely make it into the online portion of the game, but why not?

gta v sweeperBefore the Daily Objectives came with the Heist update, I had come up with an awesome idea for Rockstar Games to consider. When I saw the Daily Objectives being added, it both excited me and saddened me, feeling like there was a lost opportunity. For the Daily Objectives, you are tasked with taking part in three random activities in a real life 24 hour period. Whether that’s taking part in an air race, playing a Last Team Standing game, modifying a car, going on a fairground ride or stealing a set number of cars, it gave you more things to do, and rewarded you for doing them. That is good, and fun!

What I had in mind however, was something called ‘Community Service’, a fitting title which goes hand in hand with the world of Grand Theft Auto. You are a criminal. We know that. Why not let the criminal do some work in the community and maybe get rewarded for that too? Why not offer the player an opportunity to take on a new role for 20 minutes of real life time, every day they log into GTA Online?

gta v taxiJust picture it. You could be tasked with Street Sweeping, and must complete a route in a randomly chosen area, with an accuracy rating that counts towards your payout. Why not take the bin lorry aspect of one of the online Heist missions and make a group of 2-3 people commit to doing a bin collection for 15-20 minutes? What about 20 minutes of being a taxi driver, with the more customers and safe driving done, the better the payout? There’s so much potential there, and the mechanics are already in place in most cases!

A friend made another awesome suggestion on the matter. Task two players with being part of the LSPD, and when another player in a public lobby gains a wanted level, you and your friend must take them down, bounty hunting style? Let someone do deliveries for the postal service, or let them drive a commercial vehicle filled with goods to the pier or a store, maybe even the Liquor Hole! In the single player story, Michael has the opportunity to mop an office floor. Why not let a player mop a fast food restaurant somewhere in the city? As I said above, the mechanics are there, and it would be fun to hear a player turning down an offer to take part in a heist, because they have to do some mopping as part of their Community Service.

gta v pisswasserIt’s just a thought, and something I would love for Rockstar Games to consider. I can’t get enough of GTA Online, and the more that’s added to it, the more I’ll continue to play it with friends. It could be my most played game of the decade at this point already!

Am I mad? Is this just silly? Would you be interested in taking part in some daily Community Service on GTA V? Let us know in the comments what you think, and if you enjoy the idea, bombard Rockstar Games with a link to this article!

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