We’ve already had enough of this Trash Dove

thrash doveSince the beginning of the current week, I have noticed a new trend, or should I say gif everywhere on social media. Usually I can laugh off a funny or trending graphic, but this one just fails to entertain me, and no matter where I look, the comments section of Facebook for example are just littered with the same gif, and it’s ruining my experience! Where did it come from?!

Trash Dove is its name, and it was created in September of 2016 by an American artist going by the name of Syd Weiler. Thanks, Syd. The gif displays a dove that’s headbanging, or ‘thrashing’. Not only that, but it also has a wealth of standard images in various situations, which are less annoying than the repetitive, overused gif.

It became popular firstly in Thailand on Facebook, and it wasn’t long before it made its way into the Western version of the most popular social media platform. How long will it stay? Hopefully not too long.

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Syd Weiler, from Florida wrote on her Facebook page in October 2016 : “In case you didn’t know, I made some fantastically dumb iOS stickers, you can spam your friends and family with them!”

Please don’t. Already, there is a petition in place to ban the Trash Bird from social media, and I am overly tempted to join in and submit my name. I absolutely hate it! And I can guarantee you that the responses to the article on the 4-One Facebook page will feature a wealth of these gifs in spite!

thrash dove

The petition has only 145 signatures at the time of writing, but you can add your name to the list here.

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