This week’s Xbox Deals with Gold, March 4th

deals with goldA spring sale must be in the pipeline again this year, as the listed games discounted this week are a little on the tame side. Still, we all enjoy different genres and unique experiences, so maybe you’ll find a shining example in the Xbox Deals with Gold selection below.

Activision’s Deadpool re-release is 60% off this week, if you want some action-adventure with some gore thrown in. Homefront: The Revolution is 70% off, and all of its DLC content is also discounted, so check all that out for a massive saving. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is also 60% off, and some of its extras are on sale too. As I said, a pretty tame week for Deals with Gold, but is there anything here for you?

Xbox One Deals with Gold
Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

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