This week’s Xbox Deals with Gold, Jan 24th

deals with goldThis week’s Xbox Deals with Gold are now live, and it’s all gone very Sonic, on the 360 front at least. Is this a sign that a load of his games are coming to backwards compatibility, or is it just a celebration of Sonic for whatever reason? On the Xbox One front, there are some great games being discounted too.

Pick up Battlefield 1 for 40% off, Kerbal Space Program for 40% off too, as well as Watch Dogs 2 for 40% off. Titanfall 2, which demands more attention is 50% off. That’s a steal! Track Mania Turbo is 60% off if you want high speed thrills and competitive leaderboard action.

There’s surely something for everyone in here, and if not, you’re just hard to please. Admit it πŸ˜›

Xbox One Deals with Gold
Xbox 360 Deals with Gold

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