Watch_Dogs 2 gifts hint at E3 reveal to come

watch_dogs 2A Youtuber by the name of theRadBrad received a little gift offering from Ubisoft this week, and he opted to post up an image on Twitter, thanking the studio for what he received. However, without being officially revealed by Ubisoft, the Watch_Dogs 2 reveal now looks more likely than before.

Watch_Dogs 2 has been said to feature a “new tone” over its predecessor, Ubisoft has teased plans for a media blowout at E3 later this month, and while we saw a glimpse of what the main character may look like, we can’t confirm much else. E3 begins on the week of June 13th, although EA and Bethesda will be going first on the Sunday beforehand.

Do you think theRadBrad was right to upload that picture, or did he even have permission to do so? It kind of spoils the news for fans, and I’m sure there are still fans of Watch_Dogs despite the game being divisive in the gaming community.

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