Watch Tom Clancy’s The Division CGI trailer ‘Yesterday’ today

The DivisionUbisoft have released a new CG trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is less than a month away. Before its release, we have a public beta to dive into, which kicks off this week. Find the dates below. 

The trailer cycles through ordinary, everyday citizens talking about yesterday, and the lives they lived before the virus outbreak in New York City, and how it spread via bank notes. Playgrounds became battlefields, choosing where to live became choosing how to survive, Those who used to protect us, have now been overwhelmed.

The Division is certainly one of the biggest releases to come in 2016, with a March 8th release date lingering, a massive story to tell and a co-operative gameplay experience to savour, can Ubisoft’s open world MMO-like action adventure live up to the hype?

Before you dive right in to the beta, it’s worth knowing who you will be up against. Fighting in the Dark Zone, if you choose to, you will face other human players, some who may not even be looking to fight, or maybe they’re pretending they don’t want to fight, and want to force you into making the first move. It’s an interesting mechanic that’s in place in the Dark Zone of The Division, but hopefully it works out well for all involved.

Then there are the AI enemies, the rebellious groups who overwhelm the city. Another trailer was released earlier this month that detailed the enemy factions. You can watch that below.

The Division’s beta kicks off at the following times:

XBOX ONE: Thursday, Feb 18 10am CET | 4am EST | 1am PST
PS4 and PC: Friday, Feb 19 1pm CET | 7am EST | 4am PST
THE DIVISION BETA ENDS: Monday, Feb 22 1pm CET | 7am EST | 4am PST

]Source: Youtube]

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