Watch The Game Changers GTA Docudrama

the gamechangers gta bbc dramaEarlier this week, the BBC aired its controversial documentary drama featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton, called The Game Changers. The show’s intention was to highlight the controversy surrounding Sam Houser of Rockstar Games and US lawyer Jack Thompson, who wanted to see the game series banned.

Rockstar didn’t take kindly to the airing or production of The Game Changers, and have since sued the BBC. During the airing of the show, Rockstar tweeted asking “What is this made up bollox?” The show is set in 2002, following the release of GTA Vice City and during the development of San Andreas. You can watch the full show below, which runs for 1 hour 15 minutes.

As this video is copyrighted by the BBC, we apologise in advance if the link is removed or deleted by the original uploader by the time you see you this.

[Source: Youtube]

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