Watch The Division live action mini-series to grasp its lore

the division agent originsUbisoft want eager fans to know what’s going on in their hyped up new release, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and to do so, they have created a live action mini-series. Lasting no more than 32 minutes, the show follows a few agents in the aftermath of New York’s outbreak.

A trailer can be seen directly below, or you can jump below that and find the individual episodes. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can watch the series there too, but it’s not on Netflix unfortunately, so Youtube links will have to suffice.

Each episode tells its own story, following a different agent as they’re activated for duty. The story concludes in the final episode, and having just watched them all now, I can say that it’s really cool, and I only wish there were more episodes. Maybe the game will let us, the players tell our own story with our own characterization.

According to the uploader on Youtube,Boomslangg | The Division, this is the best order to watch them in.

1. Pursuit: //…

2. Ashes: //…

3. Conspiracies: //…

4. Escape: //

(Bonus) Making Of Agent Origins: //

A beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division will kick off at the end of the month on Xbox One, followed a day later by PlayStation 4 and PC. The run time of the beta is short, but hopefully those with beta codes can explore enough of the game and not be disappointed. It’s one of 2016’s most exciting titles, and I hope it turns out to be a great one.

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