Watch fishing and chocobo drifting in new FFXV gameplay footage

When Noctis and co need to get to hard to reach places, or are just tired of the rumble of their car engine and want to get back to nature, they can do it in style!

Chocobos will be a part of Final Fantasy 15 thank Ifrit, and they look like a lot of fun to use. You can dash, slide and jump to help you traverse the maps in a much more mobile way than using the car. But let’s face it, its Final Fantasy and if we have the choice of using chocobos or an airship over a car there really is no contest is there? Of course, we already new there’d be chocobos in the game, but it’s great to finally see them in action.

The new footage also shows the fishing mini-game that you’ll be able to enjoy after a hard days chocobo drifting. The fish you reel in can then be cooked and ate with salad. Because we’re civilised people here.

There was more news about the game from TGS which Kotaku have shared. Some of which I am personally quite disappointed with. There will be no moogles, no chocobo breeding, you won’t be able to enter all buildings (so you can look for hi potions in people’s cupboards), and there’ll be just one new spell. That aside, the game looks fantastic and maybe it will exceed my expectations!

Have a look at the footage below and let us know what you think? Are you excited for Final Fantasy 15? Let us know!

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