Watch Dogs 2 free trial for console players

watch dogs 2If you have been fearful of trying out Watch Dogs 2 after perhaps feeling burned the first time around, then Ubisoft have something that might be of interest to you. How about a free trial for a total of 3 hours, to let you try it out for yourself at no expense?

Watch Dogs 2 released in November and has enjoyed an overall pleasant and positive response from critics, citing it as fun and how it doesn’t take itself so seriously at all. It’s all hack and lols, with a great open world environment to explore and enjoy, with loads to keep you occupied in this quiet time of year. Rob really enjoyed playing it and recommends it regularly. Read his review of it here.

Set in San Francisco, join a group of unlawful hackers called DedSec and take down a big, corrupt organisation. Or, take part in some multiplayer action and try outwit your friends! You’ll get full access to all the game’s features, including its seamless co-op and multiplayer. A free three-hour trial of the full game will be available for download starting January 17 on PS4, and January 24 on Xbox One.

Go on, what harm could it possibly do to you?

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