Watch 60 minutes of DOOM single player

doom box artDOOM is back and bigger than ever. After a spell of closed and open betas, we finally get a more in-depth look at the single player campaign gameplay, thanks to live-streamed session from id Software yesterday.

It runs players through what they can expect to find in the game’s levels, obviously keeping a few surprises for you to discover by yourself, but it at least gives us a look at how we might play the game. There are no cover mechanics, you don’t even need to reload your weapon! It’s all very old-skool but with a modern look and feel.

Using a weapons wheel will allow you to switch between multiple weapons on the fly, adding attachments onto them to suit your needs on the fly. We’ll say no more. Watch it for a few minutes if you’re curious, but if you want to enjoy the experience first hand, you don’t have too much longer to wait anyway.

DOOM will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from May 13th.

Are you excited for DOOM? Are you more interested in the single player bloodbath or the extensive multiplayer suite to find a new change of pace and to get away from your regular shooters?

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