Watch 1 hour of Battlefield 1 multiplayer

Battlefield 1Yesterday at EA Play, DICE announced that there would be a one hour Battlefield 1 multiplayer session in action which you could watch live. Here is that footage, and it looks absolutely stunning. Of course, Battlefield 1 is a game you would rather just play instead of watch, but we don’t have that choice right now.

Battlefield 1 takes players back to World War 1, and the weapons were cumbersome, but also inventive. Watch the lumbering tanks, the nimble, dangerous planes and zeppelins in action. You also get to see three of the game’s maps as well as how the weather changes dynamically during combat.

The respawn system has also been updated, and instead of just looking at a top down map of the battlefield, players can now see what’s going on in that area, with explosions, combat and available vehicles, so you don’t jump in blind and get spawn killed. An interesting, worthwhile decision indeed.

Watch from the 32 minute mark to see the zeppelin getting taken down, and the destruction it causes upon landing. One thing worth noting is that the zeppelin can be show down anywhere on the map. It is not scripted, and not destined to any key location on the map. Nowhere is safe!

Battlefield 1 is set for release on October 21st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it looks incredible!

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