Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

wasteland 2: directors cutThe sequel to the game that inspired the mighty Fallout is now available on consoles for the first time. Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut brings classic old school RPG action to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, offering around 80 hours of gameplay, and moral decisions to make you cry.

From the Producer of the original Fallout comes Wasteland 2, the sequel to the first-ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. The Wasteland’s hellish landscape is waiting for you to make your mark… or die trying. With over 80 hours of gameplay, you will deck out your Desert Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.

The original Wasteland was the first RPG to allow players to split parties for tactical considerations, to face players with moral choices, and to make them deal with the consequences of their actions.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut features: One Size Does Not Fit All: Don’t feel like finding the key for a door? Pick the lock, bash it down with your boot, or just blow it open! Decision Making… with Consequences: With both short and long term reactivity, your choices ripple outwards, changing the game’s events and forever altering the lives of those in the wasteland. Huge & Customizable: Hundreds of characters. Thousands of variations on your Rangers’ appearance. Over 150 weapons. No two players will have the same experience.

You can grab it today for $40/€40/£32(?) from the digital marketplaces, and PC gamers can supposedly get it as a free upgrade! Bear in mind however, that the Director’s Cut is vastly different from the original Wasteland 2, meaning that save files won’t transfer over. You will have to start from scratch, but that’s not a bad thing, is it?

[Source: Xbox Store]

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