War is coming in this second trailer for the Warcraft movie

warcraft movie posterA second trailer for the Warcraft movie has released, and although a bit on the short side, it tells us a little more about the story, but not enough for newcomers to really grasp. We dragged in a Warcraft lore-loving friend to fill us in on what the trailer was all about, and for someone like me who knows little of the subject matter, it sounds rather interesting!

In 1994, Blizzard released Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. An RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game based around, you may have guessed it, orcs and humans. Ding! Correct! 10 points! Fast forward today, within the Warcraft universe there have been 3 RTS games and the insanely successful and popular MMO, World of Warcraft, which releases its 6th expansion on August 30th, Legion.

The universe of Warcraft is sprawling with rich lore and characters, it has a vast selection of novels, that tell the story of the world from start to current day and also filling in gaps between World of Warcraft expansions. With such a vast world, lore, characters and setting, it was only a matter of time before Warcraft/World of Warcraft was made into a movie. The movie is based around the events of Warcraft 1 and 2 (or something in between, going by what the trailers have shown thus far).

The humans (Of Stormwind City and its surrounding cities and lands), who were living a peaceful life, have had reports that one of their villages has been attacked and slaughtered. They investigate this attack and discover it was an attack by orcs. Where did the orcs come from you say? Glad you asked! The orcs come from another world, called Draenor, which is being torn apart by what is known as a “Cataclysm”, where a world is shattered to the core and slowly dies off.

Orc warlocks, while dabbling in magic, discover rifts between worlds, and discover a stable rift to another world. That world, is the humans world, Azeroth. That’s where the raiding parties begin. The orcs are a savage, bloodthirsty race, knowing nothing but war and death on the battlefield, yet there are a few among them who believe that war and death isn’t everything.

Durotan, leader of the Frostwolf clan believes that making peace with the humans will be the best course of action for the orcs, and to make a new home for them. Of course, being one of a bloodthirsty race of warriors, means that not everyone will agree. On both sides, conflicts arise and each faction must find a way to deal with them accordingly. Will the orcs find peace and save their people? Will the humans agree to work and help them?

Find out next week on Dragonball..Oh.. Lok’Tar Ogar! (Orcish warcry meaning “Victory or death!”

The movie releases on June 3rd (UK) and June 10th (USA) (Movie to be released earlier and later in various countries).

Words provided by our friend Chris, who is a Warcraft nut and a good artist too. Check out his work here.

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