Want a digital library? Make sure you do it through 4-One Gaming

cdkeys affiliationAffiliation is a great tool for any budding website owners, it allows us to open up connections with companies all over the website. Recently, we affiliated ourselves with a site we’re very excited about, used by gamers all over the world to save money on AAA games, subscription costs, in-game credit and even Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and PC Gaming Client credit. We are of course talking about cdkeys.com.

We can imagine a lot of our members are familiar with cdkeys.com, basically they’re an online store where gamers can buy prepaid codes for their chosen platform, at discounted prices. The site regularly has special offers on a wide range of products including newly released digital titles for all platforms making a daily visit an essential part of any gamer’s routine. Clicking the link on our site will take you directly to the home page for your browsing pleasure, find a deal you like the look of, and so long as you accessed cdkeys via 4-One Gaming we will earn a small percentage of the proceeds at no extra cost to you. At this point we’d just like to stress that all revenue generated at this early point in the website’s life will be invested straight back into improving 4-One Gaming and will provide no financial benefit to the admin team, it’s simply a means of helping us keep the lights on.

So we’d like to urge our community, especially those of you who regularly use www.cdkeys.com to make purchases, do it via 4-One Gaming, and help us maintain the hub for the excellence that is the 4-One Gaming community.

Thank you,

Matt, Jorn, Kat, Kev, Paddy, Fiona and Paul.

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