Walking is great exercise, for you and your Pokemon

Pokemon goPokemon Go has been around for a little over a month now and in the time since its release developer Niantic have released several updates which have changed pretty much nothing. In fact, the whole idea seems to be wearing off pretty quickly. However, data miners have uncovered what could be an upcoming feature, a buddy system.

So we all know what the game’s about, getting out into the real world, capturing, training and battling your Pokemon. It’s been a huge hit among gamers of all ages and according to a report from the Pokemon Go Hub, we could see an additional benefit for those long distance hikes aside from hatching Pokemon Eggs.

The buddy system previously mentioned could allow you to walk accompanied with one of your favorite Pokemon allowing you to collect more of that particular Pokemon’s candies, which any regular player will tell you, are worth their weight in Gold…. uck. Unfortunately as of yet there is very little in terms of information from Niantic and given we’re still awaiting the update that was supposed to give us the ability to trade with friends, we suspect we are still some time away from being able to do more than just walk around aimlessly trying to find those elusive rares standing proud atop of our local gyms. Pokemon Go

That said I do feel that more needs to be done to keep people playing Pokemon Go and the idea of being able to evolve Pokemon by walking them seems like a reasonable idea. So personally, I’m hoping that the report is accurate. As always however we would just like to take the opportunity to remain reserved in the face of rumors. The world of video games is plagued with false information and we’d hate to build up anticipation only to be left with a handful of lies.

[Source: Games Radar]

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