Wake up to a game, with Microsoft’s new Mimicker alarm clock app on Android

mimicker alarm clock microsoft app*LOUD RINGING*, it’s time to wake up, time to go to school or work, and really you just want to stay in bed for another 5 minutes. It’s a chore to some, but others don’t mind waking up and getting started with the day, like myself. For those who enjoy nodding off, here’s an app for you from Microsoft called Mimicker.

The new app available on Android is called Mimicker, and it allows you to set an alarm which contains three different games to play when you wake up. Those games are Colour Capture, Express Yourself and Tongue Twister. The first asks you take a snapshot of something in your bedroom which corresponds with the colour the alarm displays for you. “Something red”, right, where’s that book with the red cover?

The second game is Express Yourself, which asks you to pull a face, such as ‘act surprised’ or, ‘big smile’. That will surely get your facial muscles stretched and ready for the day ahead. Lastly, there’s Tongue Twister, asking you to say one of those phrases that catches many of us out. “Unique, New York, Unique, New York, Unique, New York”. Go on, try it!

If you fail to start or complete your task, the phone will start buzzing again, annoying you until you do what you’re told. It’s a fun little attempt at making morning wake ups more interesting, and perhaps with a few more games offering more varied ways of interaction, it could be a superb effort.

You can download the Mimicker alarm app here from the Google Play store.

[Source: Digital Spy]

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