Voodoo Vince is making a return to Console and PC

Voodoo VinceWay back in 2003 on the original Xbox, Microsoft published a Game from Beep Industries called Voodoo Vince, a 3D platform/puzzle game. Clayton Kauzlaric, Founder and Creative Director at Beep Games and the man who gave life to the lovable character has announced that our long lost friend Vince is returning in a remaster that will be released for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Voodoo Vince was a highly underrated game that seemed to get lost in a sea of other releases. Some coding issues meant that unfortunately the game couldn’t be made backwards compatible for the Xbox 360 and it looked like Vince would never get the chance to fulfil his potential.

Voodoo Vince

Microsoft and the creator of original Xbox game Voodoo Vince announced this week that the game will be remastered for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Voodoo Vince Remastered will also appear on Steam’s Greenlight page, which means if enough people vote for it, a Steam version will likely be produced as well. Clayton Kauzlaric spoke about the remaster and the circumstances that made Vince’s remaster possible.

“Backward compatibility was never possible due to the nature of our game engine, but the ID@Xbox program got me thinking about publishing an HD remastered version independently, with much of the game rewritten from the ground up to run on newer hardware. The folks at Microsoft have been amazingly supportive of the idea.”

It’s unsurprising that Microsoft have been supportive of the game receiving a remaster. During an interview with Major Nelson back in 2014 Phil Spencer named the game as his favourite game that he has worked on during his career at Microsoft, saying he’ll always remember Voodoo Vince because of the memories. Spencer said “I’ve worked on Halos, I’ve worked on Gears of War, I’ve worked on Forza, games that are just amazing, fantastic games. But to me it’s really about the memories that are created and the fun that you had when you play games. And I’ll always remember Voodoo Vince and finishing it with my daughters.”

voodoo vince

With the Voodoo Vince Remaster comes a few changes. Vibration was never included the game but has been added and you will of course be able to enjoy the game in full 1080p 60FPS, widescreen. Achievements and profiles have been added. Fans of the original will be pleased to hear that the gameplay has remained largely untouched so Vince will move as you remember.
voodoo vince
In the game you play as Vince, a voodoo doll who can perform an assortment of moves to make his way through the 30+ levels. Vince can perform all the standard moves you would expect such as jump, punch, and a spin attack. The game revolves around Vince’s ability to use voodoo powers, which the player can get by finding special voodoo icons scattered through the game. When Vince’s voodoo power meter is full, the player can use a voodoo power to destroy every enemy nearby but using those powers hurts Vince in a unique way.

I Love games like this and it’s great to See Voodoo Vince making his way to modern platforms. Hopefully this time around he will receive the attention he deserves and Clayton Kauzlaric the recognition owed to him. There’s no exact release date  set but the game is scheduled to release early in 2017.


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