VR sex toy for men pulled off the market due to high demand

virtuadollsA virtual reality adult game which has been funded via Indiegogo has had to be pulled off the market due to a massive demand which the company cannot currently meet. That’s not to say that it will go away, no no no. The developer will just have to create more of them, and find themselves making a little fortune in the process.

The game is called VirtuaDolls and what you get is a base game offering you an assortment of female mates, who you can dress, alter and add into scenarios to make yourself feel good about yourself. Oh, there’s also a device that replicates a vagina, which you can see below. No, wait, read the rest first!

Sex sells, you can’t deny it, and with Virtual Reality becoming more prevalent and aiming for mainstream status, it’s not surprising to see a developer take the plunge to grant the wish to those with the desire for a toy like this. Some may turn their nose up at it, but the porn industry is massive, and at the end of the day, we all have desires. Am I right? 😉

Unfortunately, due to the high demand, the developer Eos Creative Group has put the Indiegogo page into maintenance mode while they work away in the background. One of EOS Creative Group’s three staff members contacted Digital Trends to discuss the suspension of their project, saying “We reached an average of eight sold an hour before putting the campaign on hold,” Spracklin told us. “I don’t have the exact numbers on hand, but I believe we received 30 percent of our funding goal in a 24 hour window. Sales numbers were increasing at an alarming rate and we were tracking to sell over 5,000 units, which would have put the campaign at well over $1 million. We had not anticipated that kind of demand and decided to put the campaign on hold before the numbers went insane.”

And before the girls get themselves up in arms about male sex toys and how they secretly want a version of their own, like this Twitter user saying “Version for women or riot,” bear this in mind…

Again, say what you want about virtual reality porn or even sex toys, but the latter has been in the market for a long time, and if successful, VR Porn could be the next revolution in the industry. While the characters in this game are anime or animated, it’s the first step in a career changing move, just like how we had Pong before Call of Duty. That’s one sure fire way of putting it, isn’t it?

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