What version of FIFA will the Nintendo Switch get?

fifa 17 steam screenshotsSince the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, either back in November or as recent as last week’s announce date and launch lineup, questions have been raised regarding the power of the device. While not much has been confirmed or stated, it’s definitely not up to the abilities of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What does this mean for third-party support titles, like EA’s FIFA?

It’s something that I have been debating in the past few days, how Nintendo need third-party support, or else the Switch will end up like the Wii U all over again. Sure, the machine is getting an unnamed FIFA title, Bethesda’s Skyrim and a few other titles, but if it can’t run games at the same level as its rival platforms, what limitations will be in place?

EA confirmed that FIFA will be coming to the Switch, but didn’t specify whether that would be FIFA 17, 18, or an off-shoot (excuse the pun) variation. If it’s FIFA 18, will it match the power of last gen platforms, or close to modern consoles?

Eurogamer’s Tom Philips tweeted out that he heard that the Switch version will be similar to the 360/PS3 versions, which followed up a tweet by EA’s Peter Moore.

What exactly does ‘custom built’ mean? A lot of effort to make a port of the annually released game for the console, but is it going to be last gen point five? Wii U fans were disappointed when FIFA 13 was just FIFA 12 with touchscreen controls. What new features will it have that takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s new abilities? Will it be a once off title, and will it offer Ultimate Team as well as traditional online multiplayer and Pro Clubs? We won’t know for some time, but at least a version of FIFA is coming to the console nonetheless!

[Source: NintendoLife]

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