Valve: VR Doesn’t Make You Sick, Poor Implementation Does

HTC ViveSince Oculus Rift and VR tech started making headlines, people have been claiming that the technology often makes them motion sick, and many have been unsure about it since. However, Valve writer Chet Faliszek says that it’s down to the developer to properly implement the technology for their games, as it isn’t VR that causes sickness.

Speaking at EGX last week, Faliszek was open on his views about VR, saying that “the idea that VR must get you sick is [bullshit].”

“We have people come in who don’t want to do demos,” he said. “In a party of ten people there will be someone who says, ‘I’m gonna be sick, I’m gonna be sick, I can’t do this.’

“That expectation is based on either what they’ve seen before or what they’ve heard.”

Faliszek firmly believes that their Vive headset, co-developed with HTC, no longer causes motion sickness, and anyone who expierences such should place the blame on the developer.

“As consumers and people in the community, hold developers to it. They shouldn’t be making you sick. It’s no longer the hardware’s fault any more. It’s the developers making choices that are making you sick. Tell them that you don’t want that.”

Faliszek did say that the usual input methods for movement (thumbsticks and WASD) could also cause sickness, and that thinking outside the box can not only eradicate this, but make it feel more immersive. “When you reach in and can interact with the world your brain’s buying into the system grows that much stronger.”

Faliszek brings an interesting viewpoint to the table, but as someone who is yet to try VR I can’t say much on the subject. What about those of you who have tried it out before though? What are your thoughts on what Faliszek said, and have you felt sick from using VR? Let us know in the comments!

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