Valve Admit Steam Support is Still Crap

Steam-LogoAfter several months since Valves Erik Johnson said Steam Support is crap and that they will work on it, Johnson has come out again and told Kotaku that it’s still crap despite having been a “big focus”, but they are working on it…. apparently.

In fact, Johnson admits that its “technically gotten a little worse on the user side of things [since the last time they talked]—at least, overall in terms of current ticket times. That peaked a few weeks ago, and it’s starting to get better now.” Ohh well… At least he’s honest.

Johnson started by saying that progress is being made on the Valve side of things, and that the Steam Refunds were the first steps in solving the bigger issue. Account security and account theft is what they are currently working on but neither of these explain why Steam Support hasn’t been up to par. Johnson said that they have hired a few outside companies, but these companies weren’t actually interested in solving the problem.

“We’ve hired a couple different companies [to help with support],” said Johnson. “The thing that’s interesting is, you go out to third-party support providers, and—at least in our experience—most of them wanted to sell you ways to reduce the number of people currently waiting in support, but they weren’t very good at selling you ways to solve customer support issues. I think we’ve all had that experience of, ‘I get it. You’re trying to get me off the line.’ We’re not super interested in providing crappy support in volume.”

“It’s meant that training people in third-party has taken longer than we expected,” explained Johnson. “It bugs us, but it is what it is. We think we’ll have the support wait time down to an acceptable point by Christmas time. That’s our goal. It’s a function of training up more and more people answer customer issues. We’re not there yet. It’s getting better internally; it’s just that it hasn’t yet translated to great support for users. We’re gonna get there, though.”

Third party or not, Steam Support has always been a shambles, only consistently getting worse and worse. Once this is sorted I think Steam will start getting dramatically better, What are your thoughts though?

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