Unwanted games on your Steam account? Well you can now remove them

SteamThe people behind Steam have added a new function which, should the mood take you, will allow you to remove any and all unwanted games from your account’s library. For good. The feature wasn’t announced, but Reddit user Jay Nullbuilt spotted the feature and informed the community.

Purely for demonstrational purposes… We doubt anyone would delete Fallout 4 from their collection.

The question remains however, why would you want too? Well there’s a number of reasons that would lead you to want to clean up your account a little bit, first and foremost being that there’s literally thousands upon thousands of titles available to buy and download on Steam. Any regular user will likely tell you that they’ve probably got more stored away than they have time to play. And we all love a good bit of spring cleaning from time to time especially when it comes to our treasured video game collections, whether they’re digital or on display in the real world.

Another feature of Steam allows users to send their friends games in the form of gifts, this feature is occasionally used as a means of a practical joke, and up until now there hasn’t been much Steam users can do about it. Unwanted Bundle tie-ins are also often stored away in a user game library to never be used or even noticed. Of course if you’ve finished a game and no longer want to play it, you can also take advantage of this new feature.

It’s worth noting of course, that removing a game from your Steam Library will not grant you a refund, it’s simply a means of getting rid of unwanted clutter. Individual games that came as part of a bundle cannot be removed, if you want rid you’re going to have to get rid of whatever else it came with, however when you start the process a screen will appear showing you exactly what it is that you’ll be getting rid of. Removing any risk of accidentally deleting games that’s you didn’t want to remove.

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