Updated: Until Dawn Pre-Order Issues Being Worked on by Sony

until dawnMany PS4 owners who pre-ordered Until Dawn are having trouble playing the title, but Sony have responded to the complaints and are currently working on resolving the issue.

Users have posted on Reddit and the Sony Forums on the problems, saying they are left unable to access the game, with only a countdown timer with the message “128 days until available”.

While the majority of those affected are players who pre-ordered the game digitally, other users have also experienced the issue. Other pre-purchasers say that while they have been able to play the game, they have been unable to get to their pre-order bonus content.

A member of Sony Support team said, “Our store team is currently investigating the issue. We’ll update the thread once we receive an update.”

This is a pretty major hiccup, but hopefully it will get sorted soon so people can enjoy Until Dawn. Reviews for the game have been mostly positive, as reviewers love that b-movie feel and its narrative. Even many reviewers who gave it lower ratings said that despite its many flaws, they still really enjoy the game.


Sony have identified a possible workaround in the meantime while the problem persists. If you have any issues, then follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the item on the PlayStation Store
  2. Purchase the free version of Until Dawn (or if you have that already, another free game/item such as Singstar)
  3. Download the file to your system (if the file is already downloaded and installed, please skip this step and move to step 4)
  4. Use the Restore Licenses option by navigating to Settings >> PlayStation Network/Account Management >> Restore Licenses
  5. Attempt to boot the game. If the game still does not boot at this point, delete the file, re-download and repeat step 4.

Have you played the game? Have you had any problems? If not how are you finding it? Let us know in the comments!

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