Unravel Gameplay Trailer – Gut Decisions

UnravelUnravel was a game that caught many people by surprise at E3, making everyone simultaneously awww as the very nervous developer took to the stage to show off Yarny.

Well Yarny has made another appearance today, and rather horribly using his intestines to build bridges and swing across large gaps (not sure Spiderman would approve).

The new Unravel gameplay trailer shows off the physics based puzzle game rather well, mixing realistic environments with, well, yarn. The game doesn’t look to stick around too long on the same spots, as the puzzles look to be designed to complete quickly as Yarny doesn’t have the guts to stick about.

As you leave your entrails along the path, you need to stuff new ones back into yourself because otherwise you die, which, as we learned from video games, is a bad thing.

The game is due to release early next year, but I swear, they better not be setting this up for heartbreak!

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