Uncharted Movie Development Going in Circles

UnchartedIt looks like you will have to wait for Sony’s long awaited movie adaption of Uncharted a little longer as the script has once again been scrapped and yet another director has quit the project.

The movie has all the signs of being in development hell, as it has been going in circles since its announcement. Sony said that they expected it to release on the 10th of June next year, but that now looks highly unlikely.

The current version of the script was written by Mark Boal, writer of The Hurt Locker, which was a rewrite of another by David Guggenheim, who wrote Safe House. It seems someone was unhappy with that however so it is being rewritten once again, which is why Seth Gordon, the latest in a line of directors, has left the project.

David O’Russell was the first to quit, back when Mark Wahlberg was rumored for the role. He was replaced by Neil Burger, who then quit and was replaced by the latest quitter Seth Gordon. It looks like this movie would be prime for the Steven Spielberg treatment, as he is notorious for taking on a ton of projects and dumping them out of nowhere.

Sony Pictures exec Tom Rothman is rumored wanting to make the movie for a lower budget which could be the reasoning behind the script change as he wants to take on a “new creative direction”.

Can we just decide on a script and cast Nathan Fillion as Drake? It will be an instant box office success!

What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see cast as Drake? Who could you see directing this movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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