Uncharted 4 adds co-op Survival mode next month

uncharted 4 survivalA multiplayer feature which was an included feature with both Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 from the get-go will finally be making its way into Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The Horde mode will allow teams of up to 3 players to battle through 50 waves of enemies, with new added twists.

Naughty Dog have built upon and evolved the core gameplay experience with an entirely new level of depth, challenge, and variety. From new enemy types and powerful new bosses to a dedicated progression system and expansive upgradable arsenal, Survival is all about strategy, camaraderie, and skill.

“Across 50 waves and 10 maps, you’ll face off against Shoreline mercenaries, heavily armored Brutes, Snipers, Hunters, and more that will only get more precise, more aggressive, and better equipped as time goes on. Every 10 waves culminates in an intense boss battle, including our all-new Pirate Warlords.”

Every few waves will require you and your friends to complete challenges in order to progress, so don’t get fond of the idea of digging in behind cover for the duration. You will have to move and shoot in order to succeed.

“Survival also features its own dedicated progression system, Relic Challenges, and loadouts. As you rank up, you’ll earn upgrades for your weapons, as well as new items, such as Survival-exclusive boosters. There are also vanity items that can only earned by playing Survival, but can be used to deck out your character in both Survival and Multiplayer. Best of all, the challenge grows with you. Enemies will adapt to your increased firepower and there are multiple difficulties to choose from.”

Uncharted 4: Survival will become available in December as a free add-on to the game. No additional payments or purchases will be necessary.

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