Unboxing the PlayStation VR

playstation vr e3Do you like watching videos of things getting unboxed? Apparently, many do, and so for those people, here’s one you may enjoy. The unboxing of the PlayStation VR headset, which releases this October!

What else is in the box? What box does the demo disc come in? How many wires, cables, antennae does it require?! Does it make coffee?! All of your questions asked in this video by PlayStation UK. Will you be picking up the PlayStation VR on October 13th? For a full list of games on the demo disc in Europe, click here.

With a price tag of $/€399 or £349, it will be interesting to see if this takes off for the Christmas period, and whether the additional requirement of the PlayStation Camera will deter shoppers or anger those unaware of the requirement. Then there’s the topic of the PlayStation 4 Pro and how the VR will be somewhat better on the more powerful system.

It should be an interesting two months ahead, I’m sure of it.

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