Ultra Street Fighter 2 will have a first person mode on Switch

ultra street fighter 2 hadoukenIn January, Capcom revealed an exclusive version of Street Fighter 2 that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch some time in 2017. It was an unexpected announcement, as the series is now in its 5th generation, but one rather interesting addition is the first person mode.

It may be somewhat gimmicky, but the HaDOuken mode as the discovered box art suggests, lets you perform Ryu’s Hadouken fireball using the Nintendo Switch’s JoyCon controllers. We saw a brief glimpse of the mode in action right at the end of the reveal trailer for Ultra Street Fighter 2, and apparently the mode will require you to beat multiple enemies in first person, but it won’t work as a traditional first person brawler. That would just be a weird and disorientating to be honest!

There is still no release date for Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Switch, but you can’t deny that it looks utterly gorgeous. Sure, the gameplay may have advanced in more recent releases, but have a few rounds with your mates after a few drinks and you will be reliving your teenage years in no time!

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