UK stores can’t meet demand for Black Ops 1 on Xbox 360

black ops xbox one backwards compatibilityOn Tuesday of this week, May 17th, Microsoft announced that Call of Duty Black Ops would now be playable on Xbox One using the system’s backwards compatibility feature. What followed appears to be a rush to game stores to buy used copies, which can’t seem to meet the demand.

Reports in the UK alone state that game retailers are struggling to meet the demand of Xbox gamers looking to relive the glory days of old with 2010’s Call of Duty release from Treyarch. Some images from online retailers were shared, including Argos and GAME, which state that the game is out of stock.

COD black ops ARGOSCOD black ops GAMEOne of our writers went out and picked up the game yesterday in a local CEX shop (yes, I chuckle when I pronounce it as I see it too, every time), and he got it for £4. Today, he checked their website and they have doubled the price of it due to the demand.

Of course, that makes the game £8 which isn’t much, but it’s a 100% price increase in the space of a day.

The original article continued, “[CEX]…currently have 417 copies in stock, but that number is rapidly dropping every few minutes. There was actually over 4000 copies in stock online yesterday, and are expected to sell out by early tomorrow morning.” At the time of writing right now, they are out of stock.

What’s running through my head now, is what Activision are seeing in this. Clearly there’s a demand for a remastered collection of old Call of Duty titles, whether Black Ops or the Modern Warfare series. Hell, I’ll even take Call of Duty 2 if I had a chance to replay that multiplayer again!

black ops cex out of stock

[Source: Thisgengaming]

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