Ubisoft’s Uplay becomes Ubisoft Club

uplay ubisoftUbisoft have rebranded their ‘Uplay’ members platform as ‘Ubisoft Club’ this week. The feature has been a part of console games since the last generation, and a nightmare for pc gamers at times, acting as DRM protection, to cut out piracy in their games.

The benefits of Uplay were the points you could collect by achieving certain tasks in games, whether Rainbow Six, Rayman, Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed or others. These points could then be spent across all of the games, buying additional content like in-game currency, costumes or rewards.

Unfortunately, ‘Uplay’ has become a bit of a stigman, so Ubisoft are rebranding it to try mend its issues and make Uplay a thing of the past, while retaining many of its key features. Below, you can find a service update received via email.

ubisoft clubWe imagine that most of us have played an Ubisoft game over the past 10 years, so expect a similar email in your account this morning. Will it make much of a difference? The regular gamer will still probably refer to it as Uplay instead of Ubisoft Club, as we don’t like change. Either way, your details won’t change and you can continue using the service as you were.

[Source: Ubisoft Club]

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