Ubisoft to Intend to Mend Reputation With PC Gamers?

assassins creed: syndicateIn the last few years, Ubisoft’s reputation on PC hasn’t been the best, but they have made a move today that could be a big step to helping change that in the future.

The company today revealed that they are the latest member of the non-profit trade association, the Open Gaming Alliance, which gives Ubisoft tons of data and advice on how to better their practices and be more consumer friendly. Ubisoft highlighted that this partnership will help them better understand the needs of PC gamers.

Ubisoft consumer and marketing director Sandrine Caloiaro said in a statement: “PC gamers are important to Ubisoft, and we’re committed to better understanding and addressing their needs and to continually improving our relationship with them. By joining the OGA, we’re able to glean gamer insights from their research, learn from best practices in our industry, and contribute to the group’s upcoming initiatives.”

This is definitely a massive step forward, and hopefully they will take the advice given and sort their crap on PC. Between crappy DRM practices, uPlay (ugghhhh), bug ridden titles and not releasing games of fear we would all pirate them, it’s only natural that they are one of the more hated publishers on PC, but maybe… hopefully… that won’t be the case for much longer.

What are your thoughts? Think this is the first big sign of a welcome change to Ubisofts attitude to PC gaming, or do you think its all for PR and Ubisoft won’t change anything? Let us know in the comments!

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