Ubisoft tease upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operator

rainbow six siege japanese operatorOn Ubisoft’s Japanese Twitter account, the publisher has hinted at one of the future operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Oddly enough, we won’t be seeing the guy until late in 2016, but a tease is a tease.

The operator will come as part of the Japan Special assault troops”SAT” group, although nothing more has been said other than “Wait continued for more information!” and that he’s coming in the Fall of 2016.

This week, Siege players got their hands on the Operation Black Ice DLC, which adds two new operators – Buck and Frost, as well as a new map and a game update. Rainbow Six Siege has featured highly on my playlist recently, playing with friends and coming up with new strategies on how to approach constantly changing enemy tactics. It’s a joy, and hard not to recommend. The only off putting issue is the price of entry for a game that doesn’t feature a full single player campaign, but you will certainly spend hours online with this one!

[Source: Twitter]

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