Ubisoft stand accused of misleading fans on Rainbow Six: Siege’s Internet requirements

UbisoftToday, Ubisoft took to their forums and officially confirmed that Rainbow Six: Siege’s player versus AI mode, “Terrorist Hunt” will be unavailable to those without an Internet connection. Contradicting a number of statements made from various Ubisoft employees during the run up to the games release.

The news comes from a number of posts on various Ubisoft forums written by outraged members of the community follow realisation, that only situations and custom multiplayer modes are available to play offline. These fans are stating that the developer mis-lead them with a number of deceiving statements tactically released to help build up anticipation during the development of the game.

And there’s a lot of evidence to support their claims, for example. Back in September, following the backlash that followed the announcement that Rainbow Six: Siege wouldn’t have a campaign, Ubisoft Community Representative Ubi-Surulies stated the following via the forums:Ubisoft

Hello everyone!

The creative vision for Rainbow Six Siege has always been strongly focused on a compelling cooperative and multiplayer experience. The game supports solo play when playing Terrorist Hunt offline & online and we will provide further details on single-player content in the near future.

Thanks for all your suppport!

Further evidence was also provided by a fan who quoted a reply given from a Ubisoft Support Manufacture on the games Amazon page: “Yes, you can play Rainbow Six Siege offline vs AI in game modes such as ‘Terrorist Hunt’”. Which is about as definitive as you can get.

Before we go into our own opinions on the matter however, it’s worth throwing a couple of spanners into the inner workings. Developers do in fact have the right to tweak their content during the final stages of development so it’s Ubisoftquite possible that Ubisoft had good reason to change the way the game supports offline play. It is also quite possible that the game mode was never meant to be available off-line, and the statements provided as evidence only represent evidence of a lack of community between the development team and community staff.

That said, any mistakes in terms of announcements should have quickly been rectified so we believe that fans are still perfectly within their rights to be disgruntled over the discovery. So with that in mind we’d now like to of course, hand the story over to you, the glorious 4-One Gaming community. Be sure to let us know your standing via the comment sections on Facebook.

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