Ubisoft issue warning to those who exploit The Division’s new raid

The DivisionWhenever a new IP such as Tom Clancy’s The Division hits the market, those who buy it and play it regularly want to be at the top of the virtual food chain’. We’re gamers, it’s in our nature. However, that in itself brings its own list of problems for the games community. Being formidable or even competitive in a game likeThe Division first means acquiring at least some of the game’s top end gear, which in turn encourages some players to cheat.

Ubisoft are current addressing a problem which has been introduced with the addition of their first DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division; exploits. Falcon Lost is a raid style mission or “incursion” which was added to the game a little over a week ago, those who prevail through and beat the raid are rewarded with loot. Good loot. However there’s another way, whereby a glitch in the raid’s programming allows players to bypass the raid’s boss encounter without engaging, only to reap the same reward, repeatedly. The DivisionOf course this means a handful of players exploiting the glitch are now way ahead of those that would prefer to play the game as it was intended to be played and as a result “The Dark Zone” has become a very different place. But rest assured, Ubisoft are looking into solving the issue:

“Those who have availed themselves of a glitch to repeatedly plunder Tom Clancy’s The Division face unspecified punishment. Obviously it is against our code of conduct, the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited,”  one community manager wrote on the game’s official forum.

That’s actually a pretty bold statement purely because of the amount of difficulty Ubisoft are going to encounter when separating those who cheated and those who didn’t. Additional difficulty has also come in the form of players complaining via the forums, that they have been forced to use the glitch just to compete against other exploiters in the dark zone. Other players are also complaining that it’s difficult to find a group that isn’t set on exploiting the glitch, and are subject to removal by the party leader when they express their desire to complete the raid honestly.The Division

Either way we’re sure Ubisoft have the resources to be able to deal with the problem efficiently, however their lack of haste in repairing the bug is now causing many members of the community to blame them for allowing players to exploit and ruin their game. Play safe, don’t cheat.

[Source: Games Radar]

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