Ubisoft CEO Praises the Nintendo NX

NintendoWhilst there’s tons of rumour about the secretive Nintendo NX console we still know very little about it. I’m beginning to wonder if Nintendo will sell us the NX in a gold box with a question mark on it. Rumoured to be releasing in March 2017 we can expect an announcement any day now,but I’ve been saying that for the last month. Ubisoft have been quite keen to talk about the new console and they’ve been heaping praise on it again.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has been praising the Nintendo NX saying “I believe Nintendo will be back in the race with the NX,” . This isn’t the first time Guillemot has  spoken positively about the Nintendo NX. During a presentation he said “The new Nintendo console is a fantastic machine,” he said. “It’s really a new approach, it’s really Nintendo, which is coming with something new again. We love it.”


Guillemot has also described the Nintendo NX as “easy to use” and one that allows for “a different experience from what exists today.” The WiiU failed to reach the sales expectations Nintendo had for it, selling just over 13 million units since it released back in 2012. The WiiU in comparison sold extremely well shifting an impressive 100 million units.


I do think that Nintendo got a bit lucky with the Wii and despite its popularity it was quite an underpowered machine that failed to attract the big 3rd party titles. I wonder how many of the Wii consoles ended up gathering dust a few months after being bought.

Nintendo need to make the NX a success to prove that they are serious about being in the console market. I firmly believe that if Nintendo can produce a console that can compare to Xbox One and PS4 then they have a good chance of getting back into the game.

They need to have 3rd party developers bring their games to the platform but most of all they need to start talking about it. Release is nearly 6 months away and Nintendo still haven’t started talking . With people going out and buying PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and PSVR Nintendo need to show a product that people would rather spend their money on. Perhaps the biggest problem for the Nintendo NX is that it is releasing in 2017 which will also be the year Microsoft release their True 4k Console.

zelda breath of wind nintendo

For now all we can say about the Nintendo NX with any degree of certainty is that it will be some sort of hybrid console that allows for mobile gaming and traditional TV gaming by using a docking station. It’s a safe bet that Nintendo are using the nVidia Tegra chip (hopefully the newer Tegra 2). We know The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild will be a launch title and apparently Ubisoft will be making lots of games for it with a smile on their face. I’m very excited to see what Nintendo can pull out of the bag but I’m growing increasingly restless and worry that they are repeating old mistakes like poor marketing strategies.


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