Two brothers prank sister of zombie apocalypse after dentist visit

zombie outbreak prankWhen it comes to the possibilities of a zombie outbreak, the first people you should get in touch with are gamers. We know everything. We’ve been through a few zombie survival stories, and we have some virtual experience. So, I thought this story would appeal to you guys.

Poor little Milli had a dentist appointment to have a wisdom tooth removed. Her brothers saw an opportunity to take advantage of this and stage a zombie apocalypse scenario for when she was high on painkillers. The video shows her getting out of the car, going to the dentist, and her a little light-headed before treatment.

When her brother picks her up to drive her home, a mock emergency broadcast beams over the radio announcing a virus outbreak, with people turning to cannibalism. Panic sets in. The brother drives to the family home to meet the brother and family and stock up on weapons, food and family members. “We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?!” Seeing Milli dealing with such serious questions as ‘do you still speak Spanish?’ and “we can only take one pet, the cat or the dog?” The mother got in on the prank too, the evil woman!

It’s all pretty funny as the girl struggles to come to her senses but it makes a good watch! Enjoy!

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