Twitch Plays Dark Souls

TwitchPlaysDarkSoulsTwitch has played through Pokemon and Metal Gear, as well as currently going through the Halo series, but has the successes gone to their head?

Twitch have started a new playthrough, this time of Dark souls, a game well known and loved for its difficulty. Surely there is no way they can do it… right?

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Twitch is playing as a cleric, which they chose by accident, but they have managed to progress somehow, and have reached a bonfire on the first level, though for the last 10 hours have been pretty much rolling into walls and failing to get past the first archer. Despite the progress, it is tough to see them making out of this one, and I doubt many of the players will remain sane.

To quote one of the players:

“Why are we here? Just to suffer?”

What are your thoughts? Think they can get through it, or is it just too much? Let us know in the comments!

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