Twitch Beats First Dark Souls Boss! How Did This Happen?

Twitch Plays Dark Souls Asylum BossSo you may remember the story I posted a few days ago, about a new Twitch Plays series where commenters must play and beat the mighty Dark Souls… and well… they are doing it…

Only a few hours ago, specifically at about the 6 days and 6 hours mark, Twitch managed to hit their first milestone in the game, and beat the Asylum Demon, a task we thought they would never accomplish this quick.

Well, there is a reason for that too, as the game has been modified in order to give users time to react to what is going on right now, rather than attempt to guess where they will be thanks to delay.

How they have done this is after every action, the game pauses for 20-30 seconds giving users a chance to react. In that time the system counts up all the commands entered and will do the most popular one when the game starts again.

This is a pretty interesting way to do it, and probably the best way for a game such as Dark Souls, as it is pretty tough to react to something quickly when it already happened 30 seconds ago. Even with that, they still manage to do some pretty stupid things, but at least they now have the chance!

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