Turok 2 will get a Steam remaster

turok 2Last December, Turok Dinosaur Hunter received a Steam remake after developer Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to the IP and dreamt up a re-release of the Nintendo 64 shooter. This week, the studio confirmed that their next project will be Turok 2, which was very impressive in its time. Unfortunately, this too will only see a release on Steam.

Over in the Steam community, Night Dive Studios made the announcement on the 10th of October saying:

“So as many of you may have guessed, working on the rights to these classic titles can be tricky and sometimes contractual obligations prevents the transparency we’ve enjoyed on some of our other titles which is why updates have been mysteriously absent.

We’re well aware of the demand for Turok 2 and it is still in development… in fact we started development just shortly after the launch of the first Turok. Turok 2 is a bigger game, more enemies, more weapons, more locations and most importantly… Turok 2 had Multiplayer.

In our quest to bring you the most authentic experience at the highest quality level available we’ve decided to give Turok 2 the love it deserves and release the game ‘when it’s done’ which is why all we’ve been able to say is this:

Turok 2 is coming!”

Hopefully it will have a better trailer than the one released in 1998 when the game originally released. Haven’t trailers gotten much better over all? Turok 2 also introduced a weapon which went down quite memorably in gaming; the Cerebral Bore, which fired a homing blade into the skull of your enemy, burrowing into their brain, and exploding. Charming stuff. Such creativity!

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