Tropico 5 Coming to Xbox One with Additional Content

“You asked, El Presidente Listened”! Publisher Kalypso Media announced today that Tropico 5 will be coming to the Xbox One, with loads of DLC included.

The game will be releasing Spring 2016, coming with the full game and a load of additional content including five “exclusive” maps to build your country. No pricing has been announced yet.

The game’s release has been in steps, rather than all at once, with the PC version launching May 2014, the 360 version launching November, and the PS4 version launching April 2015, so the Xbox One is just next on the list. Whether or not it will be releasing on PS3, but considering that they are working on a current gen platform it is unlikely.

The free DLC included with Tropico 5 for Xbox One, which is their sorry for taking so long, includes:

  • Bayo del Ofato
  • Big Cheese
  • Mad World
  • Geralissimo
  • Joint Venture
  • Waterborne

The user interface will also be optimized for controller use, and achievements will be available.

No doubt there are many of you looking forward to Tropico 5 on Xbox One. No doubt Jorn is with his love for the last game. Are you one of those? Let us know in the comments, and how you will rule your country. With loving, open arms? Or with an iron fist?

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